GreenTown Brochure

This is the GreenTown brochure. Please download it, read it, and understand in more detail what GreenTown is about.


January 21st and January 22nd 2015 were both historic days for the GreenTown Curaçao Foundation. On these contiguous days two foundations from the GreenTown organization, one on each side of the Atlantic Ocean, went to Parliament with the same goal: offering the people of Curaçao a durable economic solution.

GreenTown Presentation for MDT

GreenTown meets the Multi Discipline Team on Curaçao.  This is the committee that has been appointed by the government to make an objective decision on the future of the refinery site. The meeting was constructive.  GreenTown has explained its vision and plans.


Prof. Jan Rotmans Presentation

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Rotmans, professor in Sustainability Transitions, advisor to the United Nations and many governments and multi-national companies, presented his vision in and to Curaçao.

His conclusion:  the world is changing rapidly and is in full transition towards sustainability. However, Curaçao does not have a sustainability strategy and is still focussed on the old fossil fuel based economy.  That is dangerous!  But why?  Curaçao is gifted with sun, wind and the largest harbour in the Caribean, but is not using these natural resources at all.  Not 5% is being used.   Curaçao has a huge potential.

Prof. Rotmans has offered his expertise and knowledge to Curaçao to make the transition towards a sustainable future.  Let's work together with this special person!


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GreenTown - Papiamentu

Curaçao has one of the largest and deepest natural harbors in the world and is an island that is safely situated outside the hurricane belt. The new GreenTown will offer various jobs to 16,000 people. Feasible economic activities will include: a large marina with an international allure, a harbor industry, an international conference and entertainment centre, a cruise terminal, an economic free trade zone, a container terminal and a recycling centre. Re-development of the area of the refinery will provide a significant improvement to the general welfare and livelihood of many people on Curaçao. - In Papiamentu