GreenTown CuraƧao, 07 February 2014

Tobago visits GreenTown

Greentown had an inspiring and interesting conversation with five representatives of the Tobago House of Assembly: Mr. Peter Daniel Nicholson (Project Manager, division of Tourism and Transportation), Mrs. Jocelyn Benjamin (Public Health Inspector III, division of Health and Social Services), Mr. Kevin Trestail (Specialist Engineer, division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities), Mr. Kevin Roy (Architect, division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities) and mrs. Carianne Johnson (Urban Planner, division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities).

They were here for a four-day visit from 6-9 February to get as much information as possible on how Curacao deals with various topics in the field of (sector) developments in the short- medium- and long-term.

Traditionally, Tobago has been mainly dependent on tourism and the revenue they obtain from the oilrefinery in Trinidad. Trinidad and Tobago together form one country but both have their own parliament.
They now want to investigate what other sources of income are possible, in addition to the income from oilrefining and tourism. What sources can that be, and... how to start?

The Board of Greentown Curacao, represented by Vice-President Sinuhe Oomen, Secretary Ron Pin and executive secretary Marijke van Rijn explained why and how Greentown started, what we stand for and what barriers we had and still have to overcome.

One thing was obvious: if you want to achieve something as a NGO giving up is never an option. You must continue developing, stay behind your ideals and certainly not be afraid to, if it occurs, respond to changes that take place continuously. You have to allow yourself to be dynamic within the original concept; that is the power of any project covering 20-30 years.

It is refreshing and admirable how this Tobago delegation recognizes the importance of engaging with fellow islands which are more or less in the same situation, and continue to look for alternative sources of income for their island and the people.
Two (or more) always know more than one, and the similarities and differences create an interesting learning process for both sides.

Greentown Curacao want to thank the entire delegation from Tobago very much for the more than pleasant way in which information is exchanged!

In the photo, from left to right: Ron Pin, Marijke van Rijn, Daniel Nicholson, Sinuhe Oomen, Kevin Trestrail, Carianne Johnson, James Trotman, Jocelyn Benjamin