Press Release, 18 August 2017

Prime Minister Rhuggenaath recognizes added value of GreenTown

On Friday, August 11, the Board members of the GreenTown Curaçao Foundation were invited by the Prime Minister of Curaçao Eugene Rhuggenaath. Mister Rhuggenaath earlier announced that he believes that it is good to have an organization such as the GreenTown Foundation to play an active role in the process of sustainable development in Curaçao and specifically in the area of ​​the Schottegat.


At the end of the meeting, Prime Minister Rhuggenaath agreed with the board members of GreenTown to discuss internally the possibilities of a cooperation with the GreenTown Foundation. In a couple of weeks, we will meet again to give concrete content to this cooperation.


Present in the meeting were Prime Minister Rhuggenaath, Policy Officer Mr Gunnar Louisa, Board members of GreenTown: Chairman Mr. Ron Pin, Treasurer Mr. Harm Rooijakkers, Secretary Sinuhe Oomen and Board Member Ms. Bianca Neman. Board members Mr. Sven Rusticus and Mr. Orlando Meulens could not present, since they live in the Netherlands. A few years ago, GreenTown started the process to analyse an alternative for the refinery if it will not continue after 2019.


With local and international support many companies and residents were visited and interviewed. The first results of this analysis, in the form of a report, offer a very positive perspective for Curaçao and promise a lot more employment and income compared to the current situation. Over time, GreenTown has acquired knowledge of cleaned areas and areas that have been transformed from Brownfield to Greenfield.


At the same time, the Foundation has built up an international network of specialized companies and experts in the field of sustainable urban and regional development, such as that of the Schottegat. GreenTown does not have the objective of being a developer but wants to support the government in the process of sustainable development and making the right choices. All this in the interests of all involved partners, and especially the Curçao community. Prime Minister Rhuggenaath stated that the government decided at that time to continue refinery and to follow this process.


The Prime Minister also believes that all possibilities must be analyzed to be well prepared for all possible scenarios that can be presented. This is also the decision of the government at the time. The minister believes in inclusivity and dialogue.


After the Minister has taken note of all the work done by the GreenTown Foundation, as well as its expertise and the created network, he is convinced that the Foundation added value and can make a contribution. According to Prime Minister Rhuggenaath, it is important to work together as partners to create the best scenario for Curaçao and to create more opportunities for our people.