GreenTown, 04 December 2015

David Dick new president GreenTown

Today, David Dick has been appointed as new president of GreenTown Curaçao. David took over the presidency of co-founder and president Andres Casimiri.




Willemstad - After five years Andrés Casimiri, founder and chairman of GreenTown hands over the leadership to David Dick.


Andres provides David with all of his knowledge, experience, information, data, and an international network, which he has collected during the last seven years. When necessary Andrés will continue to support the realization of the vision GreenTown.


According Casimiri: "After so many years I want to focus on other things that are also me close to your heart.


My goal remains the general welfare of Curaçao.


I am convinced that GreenTown is good hands. I have full confidence that David will do everything possible to achieve a betteracceptance of GreenTown.


He can always count on my support.


David Dick is no stranger to Curaçao and many people know him as a visionary who has his goal and knows things so to direct that they have continuity. He takes decisions that are correct for the common good ".

David says: "Curaçao needs a master plan where the whole community can benefit from and not just a small group and certainly needs not to dependent of one country abroad.


Curaçao has the potential to not only provide thousands of classrooms work, but also to develop plans in other areas that will attract more fringe activities. The future of the island should be achieved through dialogue because that is the only way to make right decisions that give priority to our community and will be worn by her. We need to stand closer together and create one single feeling for ourselves and for our community to develop sustainably as possible as to country, for our children and for future generations.


That is also the reason that David believes there should be cooperated with all stakeholders, both political parties and the community must be involved in order to reach a decision where everyone wins and there are no losers.


The vision of Greentown to create 10,000 jobs is very realistic according to David.


Contrary to what many think, this is an opportunity which we should not let pass, because you do not get this opportunity.


GreenTown has the right to exist and it is the employees of the ISLA, and industries such as the DOK, CPA and the Free Zone, neighborhood organizations, but also those who receive direct or indirect income from ISLA.


Do not forget the thousands of residents, school children and the elderly that benefit to live in a healthier environment and all who will find work as this vision is realized.


It is a unique and realistic opportunity for the government to get out of the impasse of shortages, high costs and too little income and the fact that there is no investment on most fronts, even in the community. "


The discussion around this important topic is the perfect opportunity to bring unity to our country and to work together for the benefit of the Curaçao community.


David Dick & Andrés Casimiri


GreenTown Curaçao